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Keeps Diesel Warm to Keep Folks Moving

Diesel powered vehicle manufacturers in Turkey (defense and bus OEMs) are installing Hot STK®* fuel tank heaters to help reduce customer downtime.

Keeping critical equipment operating in cold climates is the objective. The Hot STK units are installed in the vehicle's fuel tank during production and function as both the fuel pickup and the fuel heater.

Hot coolant from the engine is routed to the Hot STK where the heat is transferred to warm the cold diesel fuel. This helps to keep engines running, even in the coldest environments.

A compact and efficient design, OEMs find the FTG Hot STK easy to install. Customers like it too, requiring little maintenance, with no aggravating downtime due to cold diesel fuel issues.

The FTG team collaborated with the Turkish distributor's sales team to meet unique engineering specifications for each customer.

"...viscosity of the diesel fuel is very dependent on the fuel content/quality and it is not controlled well in Turkey. The quality of the diesel fuel varies from region-to-region. Especially, poor quality diesel fuel impacts on cold start capability due to waxing of the fuel. That is the reason that the Turkish internal defense security vehicles are equipped with Hot STK in order to get rid of these issues" - Yahya Sahip, Application Engineer

All current Hot STK units were designed & manufactured at the FTG, Inc. facility in Modesto, California.

We are here to help.

*Hot STK® is a registered trademark of Parker Hannifin Corporation

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