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FTG also means "For The Good"

"For the good of the customer" in this case. A concept that often gets more lip service than actual customer service. What is a customer anyway. We define a customer as more than just those that purchase our goods or services, but also our suppliers, partners, and our employees/associates. Treating customers well is a good thing. The Golden Rule is followed.

Manufacturing is for the good too. Listening to customers and understanding their unmet or even unarticulated needs and then building them a better solution is why we get up in the morning here at FTG, Inc.

One example: A company needed a partner to help design, develop, and build a high flow air filtration element for an air compressor used on locomotive engines globally that would be cleanable and reusable and still stand up the high humidity of the jungles where their customer's trains traveled. We utilized current technology with some unique engineering to offer an element that was retrofit able and cost effective. Its keeping their trains on time too.

Another example: An engineering firm needed help in solving a contaminated fuel problem at several resort hotel properties. A customized filtration solution was developed to clean heating oil at 3500 liters per minute as it was feeding the burners on huge boilers. The turn around from concept to preventing winter cold took days not months. Guests were able to enjoy long hot showers again.

OK, one more example: A company needed to create more space for new production at their facility so they relocated some of their current production cells to our ISO 9001 manufacturing facility where we were able to continue to supply them quality branded product which they then supplied to their customers, seamlessly. A partnership for success.

The FTG Team is unique in that we are fast, friendly, flexible and "For the Good" - of our customers.

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