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What's Shakin'?

Living in California you might assume that folks feel earthquakes all the time. Well here in the Central Valley many folks feel the shaking of nut trees during harvest more often than the movement of the tectonic plates.

In fact the last quake my family felt was on vacation in Montana years ago.

There is a whole lot a shakin' goin on with equipment though. Engines need mounts, train axles hammer passenger cars, amusement rides can get bumpy, and even electrical panels need shock support. The solution is to isolate these shocking applications with customized elastomeric (rubber) metal mounts.

FTG offers vibration and isolation solutions for many customers. Next time you operate a nut shaker, or fly in a classic airplane, commute on the BART transit, or take a bobsled ride on the Matterhorn (watch out for the Yetti) you can thank us for keeping the vibration in check and the bumps from giving you a pain in the er, back.

Contact us for help with your vibration isolation challenge, or see examples in our catalog. We are here to help...

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