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Get in Step with Filtration

There is a lot of physics involved in the science of filtration and one could spend a lifetime studying the world of filters.

One practical application of filtration is detailed here.

The idea of step filtration has been around for a long time. A means to remove large particles from fluids using progressively more efficient filtration media. Think of the ground you stand on, it is a great step filter example. Water percolates down through boulders, rocks, gravel, and sand until it eventually becomes that purified and great-tasting well water many fortunate people enjoy.

Groundwater filtration

This is the concept used in step filtration. A more open medium is used upstream and tighter medium is used downstream and so on. Impurities or contaminants are then trapped in the media more effectively than a single layer.

Check out this high flow hydrocarbon filtration solution that we offer. The FS9-1 housings can be configured as "plug-and-play" to meet the users' application requirements. Various elements can be installed to give a cascading filtration effect.

This three-stage setup offers 30 (primary), 10 (secondary), and 2 (final) micron rated elements at a flow rate of 300 gallons per hour.

Flow direction shown here is right to left.

FS9 Series configured as three-stage filtration

Housings can be configured for single, two-stage, three-stage or more. It is user friendly solution that offers flexibility to meet many applications.

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