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Brrr...Cold Diesel Fuel Tanks

Diesel fuel tanks can get very cold as they are usually exposed to the elements. Frigid tanks with cold fuel inside can pose a challenge to vehicle and equipment operators. Cold diesel fuel does not flow very well and can clog primary fuel filter elements with paraffin wax.

Adding heat to tanks is one solution.

In the old days, it was not uncommon to see hibachi-style charcoal grills placed under fuel tanks overnight to add heat. Another old school solution was to keep the engine running continuously with warm fuel being returned from the engine to the fuel tank. Unsafe and costly.

Nowadays more convenient and effective solutions exist. For example, the Hot Stick diesel fuel tank heater that fits into a tank and functions as both the fuel pickup tube and as a heater. It uses engine coolant and functions as a heat exchanger transferring "free" engine heat via the coolant into the diesel or bio-diesel fuel in the tank.


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