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Updated Racor Turbine Series 1000FV

The good folks at Parker Racor have redesigned the world famous 1000 Series diesel fuel filtration/water separation system.

751000FV model

• Streamlined Expansion With Interlocking Brackets • Simplified Manifolding Method • Improved Water Separation at Higher Flows • Integrated Shut-off Valves • Bigger and Bolder, User Friendly Drain Valve • Increased flow rate • Featuring New Aquabloc® Synergy Media

Parker Racor is excited to introduce the all new 1000FV fuel filter module. The all new design weighs less, allows for higher flows, and is truly modular. Individual units have shut-off valves integrated into each housing. Heavy pipes, tubes, and fittings have been eliminated from manifold models. Making the overall assembly lighter.

The new design simplifies and streamlines the manifolding method. Ports and brackets can easily be connected and expanded as needed to accommodate higher flows. The all new 1000FV is designed with two (2) inlet and two (2) outlet ports, allowing installation in any configuration required to meet fuel flow needs.

(source Racor bulletin RSL0329, sign up here for more information).

Integrated Valve A shut-off valve has been integrated into each 1000FV housing.

Weight Reduction

For the duplex 751000FV model (shown), the inlet and outlet pipes and heavy fittings/connections have been eliminated entirely from the manifold assemblies.

Increased Flow Rate Higher fuel flow rates from the much larger (1 5/16"-12 UNF-2B) and multiple inlet and outlet SAE o-ring ports make the new 1000FV easy to configure for any installation.

Streamlined Expansion Streamlined expansion with interlocking brackets and simplified clamp system.

Improved Separation Improved water separation at higher flow rates with the new turbine separator design.

Bigger and bolder, user-friendly drain valve

You may purchase the new 1000FV Series family of products soon from FTG, Inc. here.

Aquabloc is a registered trademark of Parker Hannifin Corporation

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