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American Bureau of Shipping

Safety First.

The American Bureau of Shipping mission is simply written as:

"The Spirit of ABS is defined by the people dedicated to fulfilling our mission of protecting life, property and the environment. Our employees understand that their work has a long ranging impact on the marine, offshore energy and gas industries we serve. Safety, Service and Solutions are the three goals that define the activities of ABS".

To ensure manufacturers offer safe products, ABS offers Product Design Assessment (PDA) review. An assessment is made of the model against the intended use as provided by the Manufacturer or Designer, and the specific Rules, Guides or Standards associated with the Product. When an assessment is satisfactorily completed, the Model is assigned a serialized Design Assessment Certificate (PDA).

FTG has recently been assigned a new PDA certificate 16-HS1543128-PDA for our fuel filtration system models FS9-1, FP9-2 and FP9-3.

Presentations for FS Series and FP Series

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