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Helping you Keep it Clean

Keeping your engine clean and equipment running takes technology and care. Air filters are there to help keep engine components from wearing out too soon. Airborne particles and contaminants can increase wear. Removing these particles from your intake air effectively is the challenge.

We can help by removing entrained particles from intake air with a cleanable and reusable “tool”. Using oil-impregnated textile media in an engineered filtration element, you can keep your engine air clean while exceeding manufacturers’ specifications.

FTG's engineered textile media holds up to moisture and oil better than standard cellulose-type filtration media. FTG's air filters help in many applications and can increase horsepower, reduce waste, and save money. Please see product bulletins for marine and also heavy duty air filter solutions.

Install confidence, install peace of mind, install a cleanable solution.

Helping you keep it clean.

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