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On the Level

Ever wonder how a fuel tank level sender works? Me neither.

But if it didn't work as designed, you would know it sooner or later...when you run out of fuel.

There are many ways to measure fuel in tanks, from a long stick poked down the fill neck to a solid state level sensing device. Guess what, we sell the latter.

Fuel tank level senders from FTG come in 12 or 24 volt input and have 5V, or 88-240 ohm output and lengths from 10" to 52". Don't worry we have a handy selection guide to help you specify the correct sender for your fuel tank and gauge setup.

The good news is that they work well and last long as they are solid state, have no moving parts and can take the rough stuff. Applications include automotive, over-the-road and off-road truck applications, construction (and destruction) equipment, mobile, stationary, and marine. Senders can be customized for diesel tanks, hydraulic fluid tanks, heating oil, and even for the water tanks used in fire trucks or street-cleaning machines. We can help you keep it on the level.

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