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FTG, Inc. is a small business enterprise based in the town of Cerritos (Los Angeles), with operations in Modesto California. We design and manufacture filtration, vibration isolation, and custom solutions for the mobile, marine, industrial, energy, and defense markets. FTG, Inc. is an Authorized distributor of Racor branded products by Parker Hannifin.



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Filtration Products & Accessories for Fuel, Oil, Air, Water, Hydraulic & Gaseous Fluids. Vibration Isolation Products for Engines, Machines & Equipment. (Link opens on new tab.)

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Section A: Fuel filtration systems & heaters for stationary and mobile applications.

Section B: Fuel tank level sensors.

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Section C: Cleanable and reusable air filtration solutions for marine, mobile & industrial applications.

Section D: Cold drinking water filtration.

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Section E: Cleanable & reusable lubrication oil filtration.

Section F: (OBSOLETE) Lube Oil Never-Lo Systems.

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Section G: Fittings are available in various materials, styles & sizes to fit most filters and installations. Compatible with Racor Filters.

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Section J: Solutions to manage motion & minimize resulting noise, vibration & shock. (Link opens on new tab.)

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Turbine Series, FBO, GreenMax, 110A & 025RAC fuel filtration systems.

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Marine Turbine Series, FBO, P510MAM Fuel Polisher, 025RAC & 110A fuel filtration systems.

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Spin-on 120, 140, 200, 300RC, 400, 600 Series & Snapp (disposable) fuel filtration systems.

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Marine Spin-on and disposable fuel filtration systems.

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Crankcase Ventilation, Marine Silencers, ECO cartridge & disposable engine air filters.


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We are an Authorized Parker Racor Distributor

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