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Vintage Farm Tractors & Vintage Filters

Old technology is working in the modern era. Grandpa's tractor may still be out there chugging along thanks to its old-tech, but still valid, filtration system.

FTG manufactures and offers the legacy fuel/water separators you see on many antique, vintage, and classic farm tractors. Deere, AGCO, Case New Holland, and many others used the same simple solution. A metal filter housing with a cleanable and reusable screen along with a clear glass bowl. They come in various sizes and port configurations but the concept and physics are the same. These filters work hard to remove contaminants and water from diesel or gasoline fuels. They offer a quick visual check for gunk in the bowl and are easy to clean and service.

They are available from local tractor dealers and from many on-line vintage tractor parts suppliers.

It is good to help keep old-school tractors chugging along out in the fields, fairs, and festivals.

We are here to help.

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